champagne maker

i guess i should first explain my name. of course it is acquired, not given. just say "sharon payne" ten times super fast and it is what it is... why fight it. i married the "maker" part and folks accuse me of marrying him just to get that name, but as you can see, he's adorable, so i'm keeping him and his name. no one calls me sharon... maybe the bank and mom when she's mad at me, so you can call me champagne, unless you're mad at me.

ok, lets see... i make stuff. i'm really good at making a mess. i don't love to cook, but love a good recipe. i find it hard to resist luxury fiber. i love my husband. he's cuter than i, but allows me to steal his sweaters whenever i want. i call him "#handy" because he frames my paintings, fixes all my stuff and builds all kinds of stuff for our hunted and gathered home. my children i adore, but they have left me in an empty nest to go be big people. they are beautiful, amazing, loyal and fun. one of them is pretty stuff on tumblr and she helps save children suffering from severe acute malnutrition working for mana nutrition. not-so-baby baby hobbs is working hard in the craft beer industry with samuel adams and the boston beer co. i work best under pressure and am really good at creating a honey-do list for #handy. i love my girlfriends more than food and sometimes forget to eat, but i also forget to call them back. i now wear corrective lenses of all shapes and sizes that are not purchased in the check-out line (was up to wearing two pairs of those at once) so i'm hoping to paint more soon. i need a detached studio (please refer to earlier mentioned mess maker), but as the size of my artwork grows, i may move to #handy's warehouse (shhh). i am a scatterbrain with too much to do. I love lowercase letters and instagram. you can find my most recent "makings" there. if you've read this far, bless your heart and thanks for stopping by!

almost everything is for sale, sold or mine, but possibly reproduced so email purchasing and commission inquiries. (link below) all knitting patterns are linked to more information by clicking the link on the image, but you can email me to purchase the pdf file.  please email inquiries for all custom wedding invitations and stationery.

thanks y'all, xov  [kisshugstitch]